Working With a Wedding Florist

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A great wedding floral designer is someone who has this special talent. A wedding florist is a professional who is able to listen to you describe your wedding – the location, the setting, the food, your dress, the decor and so on – and to dream up a really beautiful floral theme to go with everything – your personality included.

What this means is, the more prepared you are to give your wedding florist enough information to work on, the more able he or she is going to be to dream something up that really satisfies. Here's a little advice on how to do this, and how to keep to your budget as you do.

You need to go to your wedding florist as prepared as possible. Take pictures of the wedding site, take pictures from the Internet of the kind of look that you feel your wedding should have, take a picture of you and your partner, a picture of the wedding dress, your family – the works. The more information they have to go on, the more complete their imagination will be.

Nevertheless, you can't let your wedding florist dream too perfect a dream. That might involve including flowers that are not in season. And that translates to blooms that are imported and expensive. You need to ask your florist to work with what's in season and you want to keep under budget. You mustn't worry – that's what professionals do – they work to set parameters.

In fact, to keep to an even tighter budget, it really wouldn't be a bad idea if you asked your florist to mix it up a little bit with things that not flowers. That's right, fresh fruit, and feathers, foliage, jewelry – all of these things can go well with a floral arrangement. The fewer flowers that are used, the less expensive things are going to be.

There are other ways in which you can trick your eyes into believing that the arrangements before you are special and expensive. If you don't really care what specific flowers are used, just have your florist permission to use whatever flowers happen to be going cheap on the market. Give your florist a color scheme for instance, and ask him to get the cheapest flowers possible for the scheme.

To get more out of your flowers, ask your wedding florist to pick hardy flowers instead of only delicate ones. These will look fresher and beautiful for longer.

There are other ways to makes things look more expensive than they really are. Your florist doesn't have to make all the bouquets look the same. Ask for different designs all over the place – it's always better that way.