3 Home Based Business Ideas That Are BOOMING Right NOW (And Are Expected to Double Next Year)

Who else is struggling to come up with a simple strategy for earning a full time living from home? Are you sick and tired of jumping from thing to thing without any progress... or profits to show for it? Are you fed up with the silly suggestions, the specious self serving strategies that so many of the "experts" recommend... only to find yourself right back to where you started in no time flat?

If any of the above sounds familiar... the BAD news is, you aren't alone. If misery loves company, there are few industries that have as many unhappy people at the bottom of the totem pole than internet marketing or home based entrepreneurship, and unfortunately... the powers that be have pretty much designed it that way.

The GOOD news?

You can turn it all around, and you CAN begin today. The key is to NOT follow the masses into the maze of marketing mystery, and instead come up with simple, concrete offers, and services that are CONSTANTLY in demand.

Let's take a quick look at 3 that 90% of those of you reading this probably can offer right now... and get a head start on building a viable, valuable SERVICE related home based business that makes you a rock star in YOUR community, in 6 months or less.

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The social media for business marketplace is scheduled to double every year through 2015... and it's a desperately under-served industry right now. How many local professionals in YOUR community need a better designed Facebook page? How many of them DON'T have a Twitter account... and would love someone to update their feed with timely, relevant and engaging posts on a once or twice a day basis? I think if you ask the question out loud to yourself, you'll realize that there is A LOT of business out there for any ambitious home based entrepreneur, but don't wait too long... as the opportunity WILL pass.

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Everyone knows that content is KING, right? Do you know how many businesses do NOT have enough content for their online communities? Just about all of them. If you can learn to not only create compelling content... but to CURATE compelling content as well, you can literally transform just about any online professionals presence into an authority site in a matter of months. (making them ultra happy... and YOU a content marketing rock star that's HIGH in demand)

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This is the most traditional way that many home based entrepreneurs have gotten their start, and the truth is, it's probably the best and easiest way to get an avalanche of new clients... without having to do anything overly impressive at all. Simply put up a website and a phone number, blog a little bit about online business and advertise on free classified sites like Craigslist, Back page and those sorts of places. If you get a call (or email) every day inquiring about what you can do to help... if you are totally "average", as long as you have a good working understanding of the online marketing landscape, the chances are, you'll convert 1 out of 5 of those calls into clients... and CASH. Of course, you ask those clients to refer and recommend you to their professional peers, and the viral client creation process begins. (and your business, brand, and BANK account grows with it!)

The bottom line?

Not only are these great opportunities to explore right now, they are ONLY going to become exponentially more important as the social elements of maintaining an online business become more and more important in the weeks, months and years to come. If you think the "gurus" of the last decade have gotten rich online... the local consultants who serve their OWN communities are truly the ones that will leave the biggest and longest lasting legacy going forward, and THAT opportunity is still waiting for YOU.

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