Keyword Research - Ranking and Understanding Clients! By Chris M Hunter

By Chris M Hunter

For a global e-commerce business today, having a properly optimized website is essential, which can be achieved through the use of keywords that specifically relate to the represented industry, type of customers, and certain other variables. Picking the best keywords is where it begins, and while it might still be good to use a popular word or phrase, that could be much harder to gain ranking. The most beneficial use of keywords to obtain the best search results involves good exploration to find more obvious ones.

Research - Why Is It Needed?

Why is research needed in this area? The main reason is that the ones commonly thought of are the ones that are used the most - which means that they are most likely already in wide use. Those that are already used a great deal are harder to rank. It isn't impossible - but it can take much longer than what the average business wants to wait.

When looking for a way to be different from the competition, it is often better to look for key words or phrases that are not found on so many over websites and therefore will be easier to rank and to attract a targeted audience. There are many tools available to help with such scrutiny that can help identify search terms actually used to find services and products that use distinctive and unique keywords.

Keyword Research - It's More Than Just Better Ranking

While doing any analysis to separate the common terms from the less known ones, to estimate relevance and potential performance capability, it is necessary to learn about preferred usage and actually try to determine how a targeted audience thinks. Even with the same primary key word or phrase, how that term is actually typed into a search engine can cause different results to be returned.

Maybe it is entered as a question rather than a statement; maybe a different verb phrase is used; it may be entered as singular versus plural and vice versa. Don't overlook the opportunity that is available as an example through Google by the helpful hints that are provided with things such as "other people who searched for (the keyword) also searched for" and then other options are provided.

Research like this can be very enlightening and open up a whole different set of looked-for terms that, when used in conjunction with some of the more standard options, provides access to a whole new segment of the exploring public, which is what SEO is all about - reaching the most people as easily and quickly as possible.

Further Understanding The Targeted Audience

The main importance in the methods mentioned above is the effort that is required to learn more about a company's targeted audience. Such an audience is always going to be that group of web surfers who are most likely to become conversions, regardless of what methods are used to find a website.

The trick in harnessing that exposure and putting it to work is to determine whether interested web surfers are drawn by certain search terms that are actually the best ones to use - or if there are other audiences that have not yet been reached that could be more profitable. Of course, the goal is to find the method that nets the best return, understanding that there will be some trial and error before the best results are achieved.

When tasked with managing a website's SEO effort, it is important to know that it is usually more beneficial to find audiences through a few, more obscure terms than trying to achieve higher ranking by using only the most common search terms. Ranking chances can be increased, a better targeted audience can be attracted - and that good market research can be invaluable in an effort to fine-tune SEO plans to keep finding those seeking information most likely to become customers!

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