Making Money Online - The Real Deal On Getting Cash Money Today By Gen Guillory

By Gen Guillory

Have you been trying to make money online and just not having the success you dreamed of? How many times have you bought a program and didn't see any results? Find out how you can make it happen!

You Need Something To Offer -

The best tool for your business to convert sales starts with a funnel. A good funnel will have different elements and can be set up in different ways but should have some basics.

Landing pages with high converting offers - Your page needs to capture customers attention and offer them something that they can not miss out on. Ad copy will compell your potential customers to buy your product and if you give away something of value they are likely to "opt-in" or sign up for your newsletter or list.

Email List - On your landing page having an Opt-In allows you to add potential customers to your Auto-responder list. More than anything else this allows a marketer to "capture" people interested in products from your niche. Your list also gives you an ability to market other related products over time. If you're not building your list then you're missing out on the bulk of business profits!

Back-End/Front-End Offers - When potential customers arrive on your landing page you will have an offer for them on the first page or right after the first click. Have you ever went to an offer then tried to click away? What happens is you'll get a message asking you to confirm you want to leave. If you choose to stay on the page a new page will appear. This is called a "double opt-in page" and is an attempt to sale.

Wouldn't you offer a customer a discount or a smaller item just to get the sale? Plus you want to make sure you get the most out of the "click" to your page. That's the front end, a back end offer consist of the products you offer to those on your list. This gives your business multiple opportunities to make sales while offering related great products for your niche marketing.

Engage Your List -

Those on your list need to know that you're an honest person that they can relate to. You can accomplish this by periodic emails to your list with "broadcasts". Give your list: 1 - A compelling reason to open emails from you. 2 - Offer good tips or related niche content beneficial for all on your list. 3 - Stay with it and continue, vary the time between emails, vary the type and the length of your broadcasts.

Some of the big timer marketers have back-end emails that go on for a year but they still send "broadcasts" to their list. Remember you're building a relationship so you also want to maintain that. People are more likely to buy a product from you if they relate and feel they know you.

Every successful marketer I know does their research, they know where their traffic comes from and the general characteristics of those interested in their products. If your not tracking the details of your sites and offers you need to start now. This is a critical part of marketing not everyone teaches.

Keep at it, a great offer with sales funnel and opt-ins is your start. You have to build your network online and continue to market your product. I've seen more than one Internet business explode after a year of constant promotion and writing. This is how you can see deposits everyday for years to come because you put in the hard work. Promote daily to your blog, websites and social media to increase your Making Money Online Footprint!

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