New Web Traffic Secrets That Can Put Money in Your Pocket

By Anthony Chambers

One of the most intoxicating feeling that an online marketer gets, comes when he discovers new traffic secrets that actually work. This means, he has found a new idea for targeted website traffic, tried it out, and found that more people are actually visiting his website. This is a very good thing, and most marketers spend a lot of their time working just to achieve such a feat.

For many online marketers, it is a matter of testing different methods over and over again to see what actually works. Sometimes the results of your new traffic secrets are only revealed when Google does its ranking update. You may notice an increase in the rank of your website, which justifies all the hard work you have put into marketing your website. Here are just three traffic generators that have proven to work for me over the last few months. Sometimes I do not even see the progress, but true to form, they actually work:

Social BookMarks Can Help Boost Your Website Traffic As testimony to this fact, many free website and blog providers are now adding social bookmarking tools to their webpages. This makes it easier to bookmark your latest content so others will enjoy your handiwork and visit your website. Squidoo and hubpages are just two examples of web-page providers who have adapted this system.

Articles Will Get You Traffic If You Provide Good Quality

Good quality articles will always get you readers, and if you do it right, you should get some visitors back to your website as well. There are two immediate benefits from writing and submitting articles. Your reader will have an immediate link back to your website, and over time, the search engines will recognize the value of these back-links and reward you with visitors for SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Submit Your Website Or Blog To The Appropriate Directories

One not-so-new web traffic secret is the fact that you should submit your website or blog to appropriate directories. If you have a website, you can find good ideas of where to submit your links by visiting some of the better forums online. There are even services that will do the submission for you for a one-time fee. You may even rent a software that you can use to submit your websites on a regular basis. Remember that there are thousands of directories online, not just the few everyone talks about.

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