The Pros and Cons of Spray Tanning

Summer has come and gone and for people who did not get an opportunity to sun bath and tan,they might be feeling a little miserable. This should not at all be the case since there is an alternative that will accomplish the same results without using the sun. Grabbing a can of spray tan and using it appropriately might alleviate the self guilt and boost on your ego if it is bound on your skin tan. However it is paramount that you learn the pros and cons of spray tanning before starting off.

There are many benefits in using the spray tan and the biggest lies in the fact that you do not have to bask in the sun. This decreases the risk of getting skin cancer from the sun’s rays which is highly associated with traditional tanning especially if you do not use the appropriate sunscreen before stepping out into the sun.

Second on the list of pros and cons of spray tanning is the fact that spray tanning gives instant results. This is because you can spray yourself and go on with your normal business unlike the case for tanning lotions where you have to lie around and wait for them to dry off.
Other advantages of using spray tanning include the ability of altering the darkness of your tan by adjusting on the amount of the spray you use and the fact that using it instead of the sun is bound to make your skin retain its youthful look for much longer.

On the other hand, recent research has shown that the use of spray tan can increase your chances of cancer. This is a major confusing factor in the list of pros and cons of spray tanning. Scientists claim that the active ingredient of these sprays (DHA, dihdroxyacetone) is carcinogenic when introduced into the blood stream, probably by inhaling. However, the researches on which the facts listed in the above paragraph are based had not in any way involved testing on human subjects which means that it is still a claim that is up for debate. This does not however give you the green light to over indulge into the trend of using a can of spray tan every time you feel like. Stop and think if you would like to be the first human subject to give the so much awaited for results.

The established facts in the list of pros and cons of spray tanning seem to point to the fact that it is a welcome substitute. If at all you are decided on it, it will be clever that you find a salon that has the right gear(earplugs, eye goggles and protective mouth and nose gear) to have the spray applied onto your skin so as to minimize the amount of DHA you inhale.