Why Beginners Should Buy A Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100 Digital Camera $428 US
For students, professionals, or hobbyists who are beginning to grasp the artistic field of photography, a great choice of camera to buy is a Nikon D5100. The D5100 is categorized under the group of Nikon's Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera line. For those new to photography, DSLRs are considered the most advance successors of the common and handy digital cameras that most people use, and, SLRs that professional photographers treasure together with their films. There are a couple of reasons why both professional photographers and beginners should opt on buying the D5100. These reasons may also be associated with the corresponding benefits and performance that can be expected with the DSLR.

It is a budget-friendly alternative

If you take a visit at Nikon's website, particularly on the DSLR product line, the D5100 is in the minimum to mid-price range at £600 - £700. Some distributors can offer the camera package at slightly lower prices. The most advance and highly specialized DSLRs in the market have price tags that usually range from £5,000 to as high as £7,000. On the other hand, cheapest DSLRs can only cost a hobbyist a few hundred pounds. When you buy a Nikon D5100, you can be assured that it is one of the best practicing DSLRs to handle whilst you are still learning. You don't have to instantly buy higher end cameras, and also, functionality are not compromised like the other cheaper models and brands.

Integrated unique image effects

Another capability that the D5100 takes pride of is the program integration of unique image effects. Variety in these effects is not only limited to still photo shooting but when creating videos as well. When you opt to buy a Nikon D5100, you will be presented with an array of effects like selective lighting modes, colour isolation, image scaling effects, and many more. For hobbyists and students of photography, it is a must to learn digital photography effects and how to maximize their full potential to produce wonderful images.

Flexibility in capturing images

Actually, when you buy a Nikon D5100 you will find it less technical and easier to learn than many other cameras. Among the DSLRs available in the market, its functionality are amongst the easiest that you can get acquainted to. Such dynamical and flexibility is characterized by the inclusion of an innovative angle-varying LCD monitor. Hence, the photographer will have no limits in capturing images in whatever location, angle, or perspective. And it works during HD or non-HD video shoots as well.

Superior image quality

The image quality that you get when you buy a Nikon D5100 can be comparable to the highest ends of digital cameras and DSLRs. It has an effective pixel rate is at 16.2 MP equipped with CMOS sensor. The D5100 is also equipped with the revolutionary EXPEED 2 program, an internal image processing sensor which only has the objective of delivering quality taken shots or photos. With regards to movie shooting, the camera is capable of producing full HD 1080p movies coupled by an auto focus making the movie subjects as clear and straight as possible.

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