Essential Lighting Tips For Flower Photography

It does not matter to whether you are using a natural light, artificial light or both at the same time to photography a close-up shot of flowers. The things which you will have to keep an eye on are the type, character and angle of light.

Lighting Essentials For Flower Photography Tips #1 - Ideal Time To Conduct Outdoor Photography

If you are conducting an outdoor photo shoot of flowers, the ideal time would be during the morning and evening. The amount of sunlight during the afternoons is too bright. This increases the risks of casting shadows onto your subject, thus, results in your pictures to not turn out too well.

Cloudy skies are often times the perfect macro shooting moments. Therefore, get rid of the thought that only sunny days are good for flower photography.

Lighting Essentials For Flower Photography Tips #2 -Harsh Sunlight

Prior to that, harsh sunlight will obligate the flower's subtle details. If you still have to shoot under the bright sunlight, make sure to use a diffuser. Using a diffuser will assist you by reducing the amount of sunlight.

Lighting Essentials For Flower Photography Tips #3 - Flash

Built-in or accessory flashes with artificial light can both be used to harmonize natural light and create some pop to the image. When light is concerned, we aim for a smooth, soft lighting.

To achieve this, disperse the light or bounce the output from a Speedlite. One way to do this is to use a translucent object to cover the camera's incorporated flash.

The Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX and Macro Twin Light MT-24EX are specially designed for macro shooting.

Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX

Ring Lite brings about a flat light effect. Even so, the dual curved tubes can produce soft, smooth lighting. Ring Lite can also produce breathtaking effects as it illuminates the subject and underexpose the setting to black.

Twin Light MT-24EX

The Twin Lite set-up comes with two tiny flashes and a bracket. What I like about this macro flash unit is that it is extremely versatile. By saying this, all I mean is that the flash output and angle of flash can be adjusted separately. This direct lighting will create depth and texture in your pictures.

Lighting Essentials For Flower Photography Tips #4 - White Balance

Whichever macro flash units you choose, make sure to set your white balance to match the lighting condition and color temperature. Set a custom white balance before you shoot.

Otherwise, shoot in arrow. That too will be good. Remember that the white balance and other parameters in post-posting are always adjustable

Have fun photographing flowers with these light tips! Tell me how this article managed to help you.

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