Magic Bullet Juicer Reviews - Is it Really Magic?

by:Patrick Ray

Magic Bullet juicer reviews: Is it Really Magic? The Magic Bullet juicer is advertised as a versatile do anything blending machine. It chops, it purees, it juices. It makes sauces, salsas, even baby food!

What I always look at first with a juicer that is built for such diversity, is how well it actually performs all of its functions. Versatility is great! But not if you have to sacrifice functionality to get it. So let's look at what the Magic Bullet does well.

Ultimately this juicer is more of a blender, and that's where it excels. It is a 10 second wonder. Put your ingredients into the cup, attach the base, press down, and you're done. There isn't even an on/off switch. It is an extremely easy and quick blender, one of the quickest on the market. It performs very well when it comes to blending up drinks for parties and making a quick smoothie using soft ingredients.

Now what about all of those other functions? This is where the Magic Bullet juicer runs into a few setbacks. If you want to have ice in your smoothie or mixed drinks, it's best to add the ice cubes after using the blender. Ice is hard on the motor, and you will hear it straining to crunch it up.

The same issue that it has with ice pops up with the nut grinding and coffee grinding functions. The motor isn't quite strong enough to handle these grinding jobs effectively. It will do it, but it causes a lot of strain on the machine.

When it comes to salsas and vegetable processing, it depends on your tastes. Where the Magic Bullet juicer is not strong enough for ice and nuts, it is a little too strong for vegetable processing if you are looking for chunks. It has a tendency to puree the soft vegetables and liquefy them. This works perfectly if you're planning on using the vegetable puree in a soup base. Ten seconds and voila, you're done!
However, if you want your finished product to have a little texture and chunkiness it will be difficult to get with this one speed machine. The addition of extra speeds could help out with this feature. So if you want a chunky salsa or some diced peppers, this isn't the machine for you. If you want pureed veggies for soup bases and baby food, it performs admirably.

Now, the biggie for this juicer review, how does the Magic Bullet juicer do when it comes to juicing? If you plan on juicing soft fruits you're in luck. This machine will fit the bill. Want to throw in a carrot stick? Some beet root? Maybe a hunk of raw ginger root? You may run into some issues.

The problem that we mentioned earlier about ice and nuts rears up when it comes to juicing hard vegetables. The motor and the parts on this machine just aren't quite strong enough for the task. There will be a lot of straining and engine noise as it attempts to liquefy your hard veggies.

The bottom line on our Magic Bullet juicer reviews? There are pros and cons. It is inexpensive, has a lot of versatility, and if you're planning on sticking with fruit juices you'll be pleased. It's a weekend warrior kind of machine. Mostly a blender, and a soft food processor, with a little bit of juicing functionality. If you'll be making a glass of fruit juice once every couple of weeks, this machine should serve you just fine.

The cons. The parts are mostly plastic, there are many reports of broken pieces, and replacement parts are not readily available. If something breaks you need to replace the whole machine. It's also not up to the task of being a standard duty juicer. If you plan on juicing a couple times of week, or juicing hard root vegetables, it may be better to keep the Magic Bullet as a blender/food processor and get a separate juicer for your juicing needs.

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