Top 10 Men's Clothing Brands

Within menswear, there are some brands that have been proven to withstand the test of time. The below heritage brands are a solid investment, and can often be found for deep discounts online


Sometimes considered the American counterpart to Barbour, Spiewak is a New York-based company that also traffics in high-performance, durable outerwear. The brand is also known for producing specialized gear for professional clients, outfitting public servants and government positions throughout the United States. Today, Spiewak's parka variations are the most iconic pieces.


Based in Pennsylvania since the 1830s and known for their wool overshirts (with a weight between a heavy button-down and a light jacket), Woolrich and their family of labels is a time-honored heritage brand. Rugged, well-constructed wool pieces and outerwear are their forte, although they also make signature blankets using the same wool mills.

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Best known for their button-down shirts, New Haven brand GANT originally got its start producing shirts for other major labels before finally creating an independent brand. With a variety of patterned shirting ranging from preppy madras to workwear chambray, GANT button-downs have seen a resurgence in recent years for their tailored yet casual feel.

Hickey Freeman

Originally created as a suit company, Hickey Freeman has undergone several transformations in the past few years and has most recently expanded to producing cutting-edge casual menswear that reflects the company's east-coast heritage.


Though the brand now produces a great deal more than jeans, Levi's remains synonymous with denim. Recent expansions of the Levi's name include higher-end lines such as Levi's Made & Crafted and Levi's Vintage Clothing, both of which incorporate references to historic Levi's designs and processes.


Populated with waxed canvas, down quilted inserts, and utility details, Barbour's outerwear collections are designed to withstand even the most oppressive weather. Waterproof finishes are made even more effective with the use of drawstring waists, fitted cuffs and snap-on hoods, making Barbour jackets true investment pieces to last a lifetime.


Since 1889, Carhartt has produced highly functional clothing with utility details made to withstand repeated wear. Originally focused on producing outerwear for railroad workers and other labor-intensive positions, Carhartt's jackets are still widely worn today for their durability.


Not unlike Woolrich, Pendleton is a brand known for its woolen shirts and blankets; it is based in the Pacific Northwest. Pendleton's iconic incorporation of American Indian motifs set it apart from other brands.

Brooks Brothers

The brand has been outfitting collegiate men since the 1950s, but the label itself dates back to the early 1800s. Synonymous with suits and crisp button-down shirts, Brooks Brothers endures because of its tailored, clean aesthetic and timeless feel.


Originated during the Gold Rush, Filson is a label synonymous with outdoor gear. Hunting enthusiasts in particular rely on Filson for its durable outerwear and layering pieces, usually rendered in wool or waxed canvas. Filson also produces a well-known line of waxed canvas luggage and miscellaneous pet gear.

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