How Alcohol Affects Your Chances of Getting Pregnant: Researchers in Denmark have conducted one of the first major studies into how alcohol influences your chances of conceiving. We spoke to the lead author to find out why booze impairs your baby-making abilities. (

How Do We Colonize Venus? Today, we take a look at Earth’s “sister planet,” the hellish, yet strangely similar planet Venus.(

Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies Much like its author, this recipe is a no-fuss classic. It calls for just 1/4 cup of flour, which yields an incredibly rich and gooey brownie, and it's super easy to make. So easy, in fact, that baking a batch of these might just become part of your weekend routine.

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Whole-Wheat English Muffins Yes, it is worth your while to make English muffins from scratch. Not only is the texture lighter and crisper, homemade muffins taste better, too — yeasty, wheaty, complex. You will need to sear these muffins on the stove top before baking. That’s what gives them their unique crunch on their bottoms. This recipe does not require muffin rings, but if you have them and would like to use them, go right ahead.

Crusty Macaroni and Cheese Macaroni and cheese may seem an easy proposition. Noodles, cheese. But the secret to this creamy dish with a crunchy and crisp top is American cheese. This is no place for fancy cheeses or fancy noodles. Leave the whole-wheat penne and artisanal orecchiette in the cupboard and bring on the elbow pasta.