Brewing Tips to Enjoy a Perfect Cup of Darjeeling Black Tea

By Sneha Birla |

Darjeeling black tea lacks in aroma and flavor - this is the common complain among almost all tea lovers. Know why this is so? It is the preparation process that makes the difference. Brewing organic black Darjeeling tea is a delicate process and an art as well. Every step is important. Ignoring any one of them might lead to loss of taste. So, know the right way of brewing it.

Have a quick glimpse at the preparation process of Darjeeling black brew...

Pure water - Water devoid of chlorine, iron and salt content

The very first thing, before making the tea, is to check the water. It should not contain chlorine, iron or salt because anyone of these elements can destroy the actual taste and flavor of the blend. Make sure that the water is purified or use packed drinking water for the purpose.

Tea leaves storage

Properly storing the leaves is very essential as it helps to preserve natural aroma of Darjeeling black tea. Experts say that if drinkers want to enjoy the actual aroma of this beverage, then they should store the leaves in aluminum containers. Check tea packages of the market. They are sealed with aluminum foils. This also preserves the freshness of the blends.

Right accessory usage

Using proper accessory in brewing tea plays a crucial role in retaining the aroma and flavor. China porcelain cups and teapots are the best. Want to use a new teapot? Wash it with hot water before preparing tea.

Steel container or electric kettle for heating

Instead of using gas oven for heating water, use electric kettle. Steel containers also serve this purpose very well.

Proper infusion

To enjoy real flavor of organic Darjeeling black blends proper infusion is essential. Do not use the metal infusion ball because it does not allow proper infusion. Put leaves in a pot and pour hot water.

No sugar or milk addition

People generally prefer having tea without adding milk or sugar. It seems to destroy the aromatic flavor of blends. However, adding a few drops of lemon juice can work wonder.

All these preparation tips can come to help if the tea leaves are of high quality and this is only possible when it is purchased from an authentic source. Buying from some online company is a wise decision since Darjeeling black tea online price is pretty affordable and they offer high grade products. One can also find diverse range of blends from online companies.

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