Toddler Photography At Home

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Children under five grow so fast. If you want to remember every stage, it is important to take a lot of pictures. You can take them for professional shots once or twice a year, but if you are like most families, this can get very expensive if you try to do more than that. Some families can only afford to go once a year. If you have a decent camera, you can get some great shots of your toddlers on your own. You just have to do things a little differently when doing toddler photography than you would when taking photos of other age groups.

Toddlers are built to move. Many of them will go and go and go until they can go no longer. This means you may never have a chance to get a shot of them posed, holding still, and smiling. Those can happen, but you do not want to wait for that opportunity. The great thing about digital cameras is that they can make toddler photography much easier. You can take as many pictures as you can without worrying about paying to develop picture after picture that you cannot use or that are just of your toddlers back. Make the  most of your digital camera with toddler photography.

Do not be afraid to take hundreds of pictures when doing toddler photography. Just keep snapping. Once you are done, you can easily go through them on your computer, choose the ones that are the best, and then you can get rid of the ones that simply do not look good, don't work, or have other problems. You can do this all the time without spending much money. You may have to replace your batteries a little more often when doing toddler photography this way, but you will love all the great ones you can pick out and save.

Learn to use your focus on your camera when doing toddler photography. Most of them have an auto focus but that is not always going to work right. If you can control the focus on your own, learn how to do it. When you can bring the focus right on your toddler, you can get even better pictures. Many cameras are so good that you do not have to worry about this, but when you can tweak your own photos, you can come up with some pictures that look just as good as what you could get if you paid someone to take them.

Take your kids to an area that has a naturally great looking backdrop. Find a field that may have wildflowers, or to the banks of a pond or creek. Let them play and explore and silently follow them with your camera. If you would rather do this than go to a studio for professional shots, you can always find photographers that would readily come to a location of your choosing to do your pictures there. They may also have spots that they like to use for just this reason as well. No matter how you get your toddler photography done, remember to do it often. You'll cherish the memories forever.