Uninterrupted Power Supply Can Save You on Numerous Occasions

As a writer and probation officer, I use my computer all the time. I really cannot afford to be without it, ever, and consequently, I made it a point to purchase an uninterrupted power supply when I bought the computer itself. I would point out that it is the only thing in my entire house that has one, and for good reason. On a number of occasions, I have had situations arise where I would have lost pages of work if it had not been for my uninterrupted power supply, and I have never regretted spending the extra money to get it!

We have some of the worst thunderstorms imaginable in North Texas, and on one night in particular it was pouring. We had watched the lights flicker on three separate occasions, and finally, we had a complete blackout. While the rest of the family was marveling at the severity of the storm, I was merrily typing a way on my keyboard, writing by the light of my monitor, and easily finished an article that I had been assigned by a local newspaper. The reason for this was my beloved uninterrupted power supply!

On another occasion, we had a mix-up with the power company where they thought we were moving one day, when we were really moving about three days later. I was typing up a report for work when all of the sudden, everything shut off in the house except for my computer, with the uninterrupted power supply chugging away.

 I actually went out and talked to the man from the electric company, explained that there had been a mix-up, and stood there as he called the electric company and got my power turned back on. When I went back to my study as he was climbing up the pole, there was my report, ready and waiting, and when the electricity came back on, there was not so much as a glitch.

Then there was the time that the landlord of a house that we were renting came out and shut of the electricity to make some repairs. He then walked around to the front of the house to inform us that he would be turning off the electricity for about 20 minutes. My wife sarcastically thanked him, as she was in the middle of a TV show, and I just kind of waved, because I had my computer plugged into the uninterrupted power supply and did not miss a beat.

An uninterrupted power supply is a great thing to have and something that I have found invaluable in my line of work. There is no way I would ever go without one after knowing what I know and having experienced what I have.