Uses For Vinegar

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Vinegar sits on the store shelf and you may only buy it once in a while when you need it for a recipe. However, vinegar is a useful item that is for more than just baking or cooking. The uses for vinegar can not only save you money on some of the more expensive supplies in your home, it can also keep your appliances lasting longer and working better. If you think about how much it will cost you to buy a gallon of vinegar once you learn everything you can do with it, you will see what a useful and inexpensive item it can be in your home.

One of the main uses of vinegar is one you already know. Vinegar is an ingredient in things like deviled eggs and red velvet cake. However, did you know that vinegar can help you out when you need buttermilk for a recipe but you are out of it. You can find ways to use this with milk as a substitution so you don't have to run out to the store. You can also experiment with vinegar to find ways to make new recipes that need a zip of flavor or something to change the same old recipe into something new.

If you have hard water, as most people do to some degree, the uses for vinegar in your home are many. Hard water can clog up your shower heads, dishwashers, and washing machines. This water leaves a whitish film on things that is very hard to get off. If you go through coffee makers one after another, it is probably because you have hard water build up. You can run vinegar through your coffee maker, dishwasher and even washing machine to clean them out. You can also soak your shower head in vinegar and it will work better in no time.

You can eliminate many of the bottles of cleaning products in your home with a vinegar and water solution. This is one of the best ways to keep your windows clean and free of smudges. You can use this in toilets and shower stalls to help with film and residue. These uses for vinegar often save you hundreds a year on cleaning supplies. This does not have the disinfectant quality that you need in some cleaning areas of your home, but it can take the place of many of them. Don't worry about the smell, either, as it dissipates very quickly. In fact, a bowl of vinegar set out in a room can eliminate odors.

If you want to try any of these uses for vinegar, remember to use plain vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is wonderful for some home remedies and cooking applications, but is not what you want for cleaning in your home or putting through your coffee maker. Make sure you are building plain, white vinegar for alternative uses in your home. You can buy it in larger quantities for your cleaning needs, and smaller bottles to keep in your kitchen for those deviled eggs your family loves so much.