Working As a Home Jury Member

Cash in on your opinion - Get 5 Dollars

You just need to read the recent New York Times story called "Apple’s Retail Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay" to see how little ordinary jobs pay these days.People need work from home opportunities today like they have never done before, just for the reason that there's simply nothing much to gain from working regular jobs a lot of the time anymore. Depending on the kind of talents you have, there are a number of different things you could do working at home, and often, you could make much more at these than you ever could working as a sales rep at Apple stores.

At a time when people complain constantly about how all the contact center jobs have been shipped to Asia, there's good news to the had in a new kind of contact center job – the job of the virtual customer service agent, who works right at home.

What kind of companies offer these work from home opportunities? Well, there is Walgreens, there's J. Crew, and there are a number of other companies as well. All of these companies do need Americans to man their phones, except that they don't want the hassle of managing their own contact center. So they outsource the work – to virtual agent contact center companies like Alpine Access, Live Ops, Reps for Rent and Customer Loyalty Concepts.

These companies hire Americans, and pay them anything between $10 an hour and $15 an hour. The more calls you can handle everyday, the closer you'll get to the $15 end of the range. Usually, they will need you to work at least 20 hours a week, and you can work more if you want to. There are no set hours either – you can pick your own.

What do you do if drudgery like that doesn't appeal to you? Well, a lot of us have talent in creating artistic drawings – graphic designs as it were. Many people who are artistically inclined are surprised to learn that their doodles actually have value. If there's a chance that your drawings can look good on T-shirts and mugs and other such things, websites like CaféPress and Zazzle are anxious to buy them from you.

America, in general, certainly loves it's legal programming. There is Judge Judy for instance, and those of us who aren't in her fortune position do ourselves wish to do something like that sort of work. Well, are there any work from home opportunities there?

Well, you're not going to be handing down verdicts to anyone; what you do is, you work for these businesses – with names like OnlineVerdict and eJury – that want to that help the lawyers determine how winnable their cases are. They act as informal injuries and they give their opinion on what they think of the case. The pay is quite great too – they can make at least $10 an hour for the simple cases and you can make $50 or more for the more complex ones.