What to Look for When Buying a Laptop

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If you're trying to think of what to look for when buying a laptop, the entire online world apparently is completely enthusiastic about offering you all the hand holding you could want. For the most part, and in different words, they'll tell you to look for a good processor, lots of RAM, a good brand and a graphics card that can laugh at Crysis.

And there's nothing wrong with that advice, of course – except that for most of us, that advice is irrelevant. Certainly, following advice like that will net us a very competent laptop. But it won't be competence at things that we really need.

what is it that most of us need in a laptop? What do we do with our laptops most of the time, and what kinds of features would help us with those?

The Mac-book Air was completely successful as soon as it was announced. It was successful even if it was expensive, and it did away with a number of features that all the laptop guides told you to look for. It had but one USB port, and there was no DVD drive or Ethernet port. And yet, it hit the nail on the head offering the laptop buyer something that was very easy to carry. Apple knew that there were plenty of people out there who were completely sick of lugging around 6 pound laptops for no reason.

The MacBook Air offers you Core i7 performance in an extremely lightweight body. The average laptop buyer today should think along those kinds of lines – things that will make living with the laptop every day quite convenient and quite fun.

So let's try again to figure out what to look for when buying a laptop. You should certainly look for something that's light as possible. It doesn't have to be an ultra book because those are expensive. But you shouldn't buy anything that's heavier than 2 1/2 pounds. You'll thank yourself later for it.

Many laptop companies will try to cut the heft down on their models (both price wise and weight wise) by cutting down on how large their screens are. A smaller screen is lighter and cheaper, and it needs a smaller and cheaper battery to keep running too. It isn't a good idea to go all the way down to 10 inches the way some laptops do. You need to go with something that's 13 inches.

Read battery life reviews for all the laptops you consider. Few things matter when you own a laptop, as does battery life. It'll make you happy everyday to have a machine that keeps on running.