How to Reduce Pimples

Anyone entering their teen years is going to encounter a pimple here and there. Even some adults are prone to them well past the age when everyone else is free of the problem. Some have a few here and there but some teens have terrible breakouts that leave them feeling embarrassed and unattractive. They need to learn what pimples really mean, what causes them, and how to reduce pimples in general so that they can take care of their skin and feel better about themselves. Life is not all about how attractive you are, but pimple can depress even the best looking people.

Unlike what you may have been told when you were a teen, you cannot reduce pimple but skipping greasy pizza and chocolate. These things actually have very little to do with a breakout or that random pimple the pops up out of nowhere. Grease on the face, however, does have something to do with them. Some people just naturally have greasy skin no matter what they eat. Teach a teenager early about how to use grease reducing products to help. Using these twice a day, in the morning and before bed, can go a long way to reduce pimples.

Getting rid of dirt and grease on the face can help reduce pimples, but it is not all that someone needs to do. Some people are just naturally prone to them. If someone has bad breakouts despite good cleaning rituals, there could be more to it and a trip to the doctor could not hurt. Bad acne leaves scars which can stay with someone for life. It can be hard to accept though most people don't mind them in the last. Whatever the case, a doctor can help with new ways to reduce pimple for those with hardcore breakouts.

There are newer products on the market made just to reduce pimples. These are often sets of lotions and potions that are tailored to the skin of the patient. These can work and can work well, but they won't work for everyone. If your or your child wants to try these out, take your time filing out the information so they get the best possible chance to clearing up their skin with this type of product. Keep in mind some of these makes skin more sensitive, which means being extra careful about sun exposure and using sun screen when going out anywhere.

When a pimple emergency arises, which is bound to happen, there are a few things you can do to reduce pimples right away. Some people swear by putting toothpaste on the pimple overnight. This can work. A good concealer that will look natural but help cover up the blemish may also be in order for girls with the need to reduce pimples. Teach your teens never to pop them, even though that seems to be the obvious way to get rid of them. This often leads to scaring and also spreading the bacteria that can cause acne.