Preventing Hair Loss

Let's clear one thing up right away – male pattern baldness cannot be prevented. Certainly, there are treatments like Rogaine that you can use, they can minimize hair loss and that can promote a bit of hair growth. But there's nothing that you can do to prevent it in the first place. Male pattern baldness is just a part of being male and a part of what you inherit from your parents.

Preventing hair loss is a thing that can be done only as the hair loss in question comes from hair stress, or dietary deficiencies or certain medicines.

Unfortunately, in most cases, hair loss is completely hereditary – male pattern stuff. Age happens to be quite a cause too. It is quite normal for us all to lose about 100 strands of hair everyday. As you grow older though, not only do you just lose hair, your hair becomes more brittle and it begins to break off. Also, your scalp doesn't replace lost hair often as it used to.

Let's get to what you're really interested in though – preventing hair loss. Can it be done? It can be done, if your hair loss comes from anything other than male pattern baldness. There is a chance then that it can be prevented.

You could take a look at what you're doing that increases your risk of hair loss, and stop doing those things. You could look to see if you are losing any hair to any tight hairstyles that you are partial to, or if there are any elective medical treatments that you are taking that could get in the way.

If you find that you're losing a lot of hair, you could right away look at anything that you may be doing to your hair that's not natural. If you're given to a lot of hair coloring and treatment, try not to do it. Hair straightening, hair coloring, drying, curling and perming and all of those things, put a lot of unnatural chemicals and stress on your hair roots that can do a lot of damage. If you find that you're losing more hair than you think you should, just try stopping doing these things.

Whatever hair products you buy – shampoos or even implements like brushes, choose wisely. Buy shampoos that are designed for delicate hair treatment. Use sponge rollers to curl your hair and use a natural thistle brush to brush.

Using the correct hair brushing technique can make a lot of difference. Be gentle, and try to always brush with a dry head of hair.