What Are the 5 Best Natural Cleansing & Detox Methods?

By Brian M Heater

One of the most important steps you can take for Natural Health & for Natural Weight Loss is Cleansing. That is detoxifying your body...getting rid of all the toxins that are in you! It is most difficult if not impossible to reach Natural Health and Lose Weight without first cleansing your body. We are full of toxins...even if we eat good foods. The air we breathe, the water we drink, our houses, the occasional meal out, etc...we accumulate toxins in our body. This affects our health, our overall mental well-being and our weight. It is essential to remove these toxins on a regular basis with a cleanse.

So how do we go about doing this? This article will summarize the 5 Best Methods...let's get started.

5 Best Cleansing Methods

1. Fasting - Fasting is one of the popular and oldest ways to detox your body. There are various levels of fasting. Water fast is the most difficult. Juice Fasting is more popular, safer and easier to do because you get some nutrients to keep your energy going. And there are various methods in between. Fasts usually last between 3 & 14 days, although experienced people can go longer. Fasting can be a great way to Cleanse and Detox, but it is essential that you Educate yourself before you attempt a fast!

2. A Natural Detox/Cleanse product - There are many effective natural products out there that can help you cleanse your body. Go to the local Natural Foods store or search Online and look at the various products. The length varies as well as what you can eat while using these products. These cleanses usually last from 7-14 days although there are 30 day cleanse products also. Most let you eat solid food, but recommend what type of foods you eat. This may be easier for someone who works or lives a busy family life, etc. Again, go to the store and educate yourself. Go to the web and do some research.

3. A Cleansing Foods Diet - This is another way in which people detox their bodies. Certain foods help us Cleanse our bodies Naturally. A Raw foods and Juice Diet is one effective way to gain back health and cleanse. There are also a few great cleansing diets with regular cooked foods that do a great job. Do some research on these type of diets and give it a try! This type of diet combined with a Natural Detox product or an Herbal Cleanse is an excellent way to Cleanse your body!

4. Alkaline Diet - Most of us have Acid issues because of the American diet. We are healthier if we are more alkaline. Getting rid of the acids in your body is one part of the cleanse process. Most of the cleanses listed here do so. I list it here just to emphasize the importance of this process. There are specific diets that focus on alkaline foods and cleansing yourself.

5. Herbal Cleanse - This could fit in with #2, but I wanted to emphasize Natural Herbs as a way to cleanse. Chinese Herbs are an extremely effective way to cleanse and they can be fine tuned to exactly what you need. There are many detox tinctures and some homeopath remedies that will also help. There are also Detox teas on the market that can help.

6. Master Cleanse - The Master Cleanse is a type of juice fast. I mention it here specifically because it is extremely popular and has helped lots of people. There is lots of info on the web on the Master Cleanse. This is normally a 10 day Cleanse and is fairly intense, so it is important that you are prepared for this type of Detox as it is not for everyone. Read more about this cleanse before you decide if its for you...it is a very good one.

Probably the most important things to remember in a Cleanse & Detox is to 1) Use only Organic products, Natural at the very least 2) Water should be filtered. This is because you are trying to release toxins not add them to your body.

Not sure which Method is best for you? If you want more detailed info on how to chose the Best Methods of Cleansing you can get my Free Detox/Cleansing Report. It has great info and links to other resources to help you make the best decision.

I hope this info was helpful...please visit my website Transformingourselves.com for more updated info on Detox & Cleansing, Natural Health, Nutrition and Weight Loss. To your Health!

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